Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Immense Gratitude

Immense gratitude is what I feel at the close of this journey of pictures; to God, the Source of Love that makes all things, to the people who support the mission of Global Ministries, to the people who supported me personally in listening, prayer and encouragement, packing and cameras and all things needed for my journey.

But most especially gratitude to the people whose pictures and stories appear in this blog.  I pray that I have been considerate and honored you and the journey.  Life changing, life enhancing, life giving it has been and will continue to be for me.  I hope that my footprint has been light, and my heart print loving.  Thank you.  I send my love.  May we meet again soon.

The Grand Finale

These pictures were not taken on my last day in Namibia.  It was Monday, my last day in Ojtiwarango and I was not to leave Kalkfeld until Wednesday and Namibia on Friday.  But it was the last day for my dear little camera- a wonderful gift from Linda and Gordon that lasted almost exactly one year before the lens got bent.  But thankfully it lasted until this awesome day to take these amazing pictures.  Bye little camera!

This is Auntie Lokie with her Great Nephew!  Born on Friday night he is only 2 1/2 days old.

A big boy, 4.2 kg and very long!  With wonderful long and curly hair.  It is VERY soft.

This him with his very proud and ecstatic Daddy Heino and beautiful and gentle soul Mommy Desiree.

Here he is with family together- on left is his Om (Uncle Gavin).

And here he is with Pastor who was thrilled, honored and privileged to be invited by Daddy Heino, at Mommy Desiree's request/insistence, to offer to them his second name.

Welcome to the world beautiful, handsome, smart, loving, caring, compassionate and engaging Maximus Barrett Garas!

By the gift of that name I pray that you will always feel that you were loved before you were born by me, and that is how God loves all of us!  Know that you not only have a big, loving extended family in Namibia, but family in the USA, and Barretts all over the world!  
May that help you always feel your connection to God, the whole of creation and humanity- you are a child of God and of the whole world!  
I am so grateful to have met you and I cannot wait to watch you grow and learn.  
Amen, Thanks be to God, and Blessed Be!

One Last Sunday Part 9

 Candid shots by Geraldo celebrating with the kids

See why I don't mind sitting at the kids' table?!

HOW I miss the kids- especially this one!!

One Last Sunday Part 8

Candid shots by Geraldo of celebrating with the adults

One Last Sunday Part 7

And now there are pictures of the wonderful people- not everyone unfortunately, but many.

Auntie Sarah Kotze

 Vanessa Kotzee

Om Garrett Cloete

Lulu Cloete

Geraldo Bye (photographer!)

Jaydine Bye

Helga  Cloete

Aunty Joey

Aunty Lokie

Norah Bock

Jacqueline Bye


Josey Cloete



Rev Philip and Mrs. Strydom

Monday, February 24, 2014

One Last Sunday Part 6

Let the Braai Begin!!

No celebration in Kalkfeld, Namibia is complete without a braai.

This is under the tree in the yard next to the sanctuary.
Helga on the right, and Aunty Joey on the left with many people who have helped to prepare the food and who will grill the meat and bread.

The men take over grilling the meat and the sausage.  The man in the Obey t-shirt is Helga's son Gunter.

In foreground is Garrett.  Lulu is his granddaughter and Helga's daughter in red t shirt.  On right is Jacqueline, Geraldo and Jaydine's mother.  She is grilling the roosterbrood!

Okay here comes the meat!

And a beautiful plate of meat, macaroni salad with curry and sweet carrot and raisin salad with pineapple and evaporated milk I think, and a piece of roosterbrood.

and kool drank (cool drink) which is the term used for any carbonated soda pop.

Zelda who is a church secretary, and Jacqueline serving.

So much delicious food!!!